Monday, March 1, 2010

sien life~

start from CNY..
happen le many thg..
happy d a lot lo~haha..
than appear smthg vry fan..confuse me vry much!
i reali wan die le..
reali dun knw wat i m thking..
sometime lik yes, bt somethime no..
i hope dis never happen..
i wanna concentrate in my study d..
i wan score all A in spm..
nt such easy thg..
i lik a ppl..
dun knw y will lik..since 1 year ago..
now thk back..haha! so dan chun~>W<
mayb now still lik~
bt somethg happen to tat ppl~
so sad d thg~
after somethg happen to me..
dun knw wan how..
i reali cant accept he yet..
nt lik he enough..
hope he wont c get my blog..
after hurt him again~scare scare..xD
c or he someday can touch me..
if la..c 1st~

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