Saturday, March 6, 2010


now! so dl..coz of who?! the PM la! bu shuang dy..y? gv ppl 'kuat'..
and when get back,dunknw say wat behind me!..
ok..mayb is i thk too
is ppl oso will huai yi u talking v..
go recess i tell my fren..
dun knw the xn tall jl wat...add oil add salt..
than the jl fire..without finding the true..come scold me..
comment my fb..say me ppl so jia atitue so bad..
scold scold nv do tat thg! me feel so 委屈 !..
bt lik mo ppl trust me..
she say xn. tss n lc tell her i say somethg let them
more dulan the PM..
great! i oso fire! call her..than finanly find out the true..
tss say she nv do lik dis..csll jl go die.. i thk she oso no say..
now left who?!
she so pro!
now do dao the whole world feel me ppl so jia!
n i alway tell the PM lc say wat n tell lc say wat..
dwn them argue..
feel so fan with both of them..
n..who tell u i alway do lik tat?!
i oli do dis when they argue!
PLS thk properly when u say me!
u brain use to do wat?!
i thk ur brain grass oso cant in!
too small..!cant even use!
ok la..or u all wan lik dis thk me?!
me ppl so jia atitue so bad!
no nid fren with me!
i alone oso nvm!

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