Friday, July 30, 2010

updated !

long tine din updated
now free oli updated xia lo...
see back before d post..
hhahaha..wat for still a kid~xD
2day so funny..
haha..go tuk sm boy boy d asssssss..omg
is tat me?!
T^T..i thk i gt mental problem dy...
doctor whr r u~~~T^T

finaly exam finish..
wat a week
stupid skul alway exam
me "late early" die gv u see..
study le a weeek
so so miss him ! ><

i♥ him..^^

Friday, April 2, 2010

i ♥ Free life~

Y i wan do thst stupid thg..
lock myself~!
my free life no study time no more..
act nt cant study..
jz he feel i study so long time~
12-6..nt so long..for me..must gt play d time between..
jz i nv told u~coz i dun lik sms with u~
u knw~?? u such a kid~!
i hav a son more old than me~
good..damn it~!
send me a i dun lik..
nt the shirt nt nice..i jz dun lik becoz is u gv d..
all ppl oso say u so good..i dun knw zhen xi..
bt no feel is no feel..wan me how?!
luckily my mum check my hp alway..or not i oso dun knw how reply ur msg

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

wasted another day

2day..planning go skul to study my sj!
bt..haiz..suan le..
the teacher all oso in claz..teach teach teach..
listen oso useless or dun listen the teacher scold o!
Lolx~..hate go skul!
espeacialy when face those teacher..
so mou mei..
so moody at skul..
alway oso moody...
n them say d thg i oso cant join in wat..
listen half no listen half..(coz studying my sj)
better dun listen la~xD..haha..
plus now everyday oso go yam money a!
all fly away le~T^T..
most zadao..
2day gv pj teacher halau go bilik disiplin
coz no wear dao pj shirt..
=='..teacher a teacher..
u thk no wear pj shirt those disiplin teacher will choi us mie..
lol!..v more pro than u la~xD..
i thk teacher oso gv us zadao..
coz when teacher say go..than v straight go..
lik so proud~=="
meet dao ahh chuen..
hahahahahah..laugh dao me 'look di'!
his hair..nice dao~xDDD!!
seem he dis time oso hurt la..
i suddenly thk he so shi bai..
1 month jiu finish..over..
haiz..gambateh la! hahaha~xD

Saturday, March 6, 2010


now! so dl..coz of who?! the PM la! bu shuang dy..y? gv ppl 'kuat'..
and when get back,dunknw say wat behind me!..
ok..mayb is i thk too
is ppl oso will huai yi u talking v..
go recess i tell my fren..
dun knw the xn tall jl wat...add oil add salt..
than the jl fire..without finding the true..come scold me..
comment my fb..say me ppl so jia atitue so bad..
scold scold nv do tat thg! me feel so 委屈 !..
bt lik mo ppl trust me..
she say xn. tss n lc tell her i say somethg let them
more dulan the PM..
great! i oso fire! call her..than finanly find out the true..
tss say she nv do lik dis..csll jl go die.. i thk she oso no say..
now left who?!
she so pro!
now do dao the whole world feel me ppl so jia!
n i alway tell the PM lc say wat n tell lc say wat..
dwn them argue..
feel so fan with both of them..
n..who tell u i alway do lik tat?!
i oli do dis when they argue!
PLS thk properly when u say me!
u brain use to do wat?!
i thk ur brain grass oso cant in!
too small..!cant even use!
ok la..or u all wan lik dis thk me?!
me ppl so jia atitue so bad!
no nid fren with me!
i alone oso nvm!

Monday, March 1, 2010

sien life~

start from CNY..
happen le many thg..
happy d a lot lo~haha..
than appear smthg vry fan..confuse me vry much!
i reali wan die le..
reali dun knw wat i m thking..
sometime lik yes, bt somethime no..
i hope dis never happen..
i wanna concentrate in my study d..
i wan score all A in spm..
nt such easy thg..
i lik a ppl..
dun knw y will lik..since 1 year ago..
now thk back..haha! so dan chun~>W<
mayb now still lik~
bt somethg happen to tat ppl~
so sad d thg~
after somethg happen to me..
dun knw wan how..
i reali cant accept he yet..
nt lik he enough..
hope he wont c get my blog..
after hurt him again~scare scare..xD
c or he someday can touch me..
if la..c 1st~

Thursday, February 11, 2010


is NEW YEAR again~
CNY..dun knw y suddenly feel sien when NY..
oli get the lo..
play mai dis year year no ppl fetch me go play jor.
coz my biao jie wan marry dy..gong xi her la~!!haha
n..2ml wanna back to seremban..mayb after 1 week oli back
i will miss u d~T^T

haiz..vry sien is y my wai po house cant on9 le~si bei bu shuang!
ok ba..
wish u all a happy cny~!!^^

Friday, February 5, 2010


suddenly feel lik many ppl hate me~
coz my xing wei?? 1st reali vry confuse 1..
bt now i understand dy la!
forgive me ba...i knw my dong zuo vry~~~wat...
mayb i...learn bad dy?! from who lo~haiz..understand ...
act i oso nt vry lik with who..coz...
who alway lik dis lik tst la!

so zadao..xD