Friday, April 2, 2010

i ♥ Free life~

Y i wan do thst stupid thg..
lock myself~!
my free life no study time no more..
act nt cant study..
jz he feel i study so long time~
12-6..nt so long..for me..must gt play d time between..
jz i nv told u~coz i dun lik sms with u~
u knw~?? u such a kid~!
i hav a son more old than me~
good..damn it~!
send me a i dun lik..
nt the shirt nt nice..i jz dun lik becoz is u gv d..
all ppl oso say u so good..i dun knw zhen xi..
bt no feel is no feel..wan me how?!
luckily my mum check my hp alway..or not i oso dun knw how reply ur msg

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