Thursday, January 21, 2010

skul life

a new skul life!
i'm in 4m1 now..before that is 4s1
luckily lam lam gv me chance..or not u now can collect my body..
in 4s1..
ruru n wawa d love life still good
sweet n nice..
act at 1st kan tong tong bu now is ok dy..
so now...reali new life..vry miss lee teng n zise xin them..
they at 4s4..they lik in sc..
i can say nothing..their choice..jz...
when they regret dun come my front n cry lo..~haha
hope dun happen this thg oso..
10 subject in m1..abit cant handle dy..
suddenly wan study so many plus no ttn..(oli mmath ttn)
n many ppl say me fat dy..i knw..T^T
coz holiday oli eat play sleep..oso no activiti!
keep fit ba...

sien..watever..ntg to write..
study hadr form5 student..
SPM in inportant to u!

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