Thursday, September 17, 2009

useless munye.........

2day go 万佛殿..
shud be happen jor 1 thg...whole day no mood..
my yap rampas jor...sad...
me janet szeying lenny 4 hp oso rampas jor..
v is 1st act pn yap wan gv back us..(love u!)
bt the mr.C
he is the 1 scare die, 死板! hate!
he say: DUN GV BACK THEM ! v better follow the rule!
than oli pn yap say wan rampas..!!!
after v nt gan yuan, coz many ppl bring is UNFAIR!

5 principal n talk!
after dun knw how left me 1 ppl wait he..
started i vry steady....after tat..
i feel wan tear come out dy..haiz...useless..
cry n say say say...after he decided c my record oli c wan gv back me ant..

sry janet szeying lenny...he say wan c u all..i cant help n do nothing...
useless again..haiz..

hope i can get back..i nid it vry hp no live..

thx chunyik n xinjeat n lywon n all an wei me d ppl..
till here

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